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Bikewind and its parent company have been in high end bicycle manufacturing business for more than 14 years. Measured by monthly output, we rank among top 10 bicycle manufacturers in the world. Our monthly capacity is 20,000 sets of complete bikes. Many top brand-name bike companies around the world have their bikes contract-made by us. All of our factories are ISO 9001 certified.

Whether you want to start your own bike brand or your own bike retail business, we are the one-stop shop for you. In order to better serve small business community, we have lowered the minimum commercial order size to one 20" container (with maximum three models), or roughly 130 sets of adult bikes.

New to the bike business? No problem. We will hold your hands through each step of the transaction.

Here are the synopsis of services we offer:

Conceptual Design To Delivery

We can take care of the detailed specification for you. If you have a concept or an idea of the bike you want, we can do the full design from frame design and technical drawings, to full specing and sampling. We really do take the strain and it's all part of the service. We have frame designers standing by in our alloy and steel frame factories to bring your ideas to life.

Quotations and Options

We will make suggested spec and quotation, but it doesn't end there! We can offer alternative makers and models for all parts and a menu price list of options, there is nothing in the world we cannot source, if you want it on your bike we are confident we can get it.

Component Sourcing

With our strong connections, we can offer frames and parts to other producers we can offer quote and deliver, on time, all your needs at the most competitive prices.

Our team is your team

Our team includes experts in the bicycle field from both the Far East and Europe, together we can be an essential part of your logistical and marketing mix. We take the strain out of your day-to-day life, and yes, its all part of the service.

For inquiries, please contact us via or call us at 301-467-8525.






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